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Steve Rodgers

As the former CEO of Real Living Lifestyles and Prudential California Realty, a division of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Steve has lifelong experience in leading businesses and individuals to their highest potential.  Steve knows first-hand what it takes to lead an organization of over 4,600 employees generating $25 billion in annual sales doing nearly 40,000 transactions.  One of Steve’s career highlights was meeting and working for Warren Buffett for many years.

After his wife faced a life-threatening health crisis, Steve shifted his focus to giving back and helping others achieve their dreams. His Amazon best-selling book Lead to Gold, shows how you can achieve radical personal transformation and break through fear and other challenges. His most recent book, The IGI Principles, shares seven foundational keystones for “Inviting God and Goodness In” to your life and business.


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I’m a Spiritual Business Activist and my approach is that of Executive Zen

Helping businesses and people grow, find more abundance, and generate higher profits while staying focused on actualizing a higher purpose and meaning in and through their business.


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