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Kyle Fuller

One thing that is certain for Kyle Fuller is the Infinite Banking Concept is not a career or business, he considers it his calling in life. The word “retirement” is something he does not believe in. This is a process that he will be educating families and business owners about until the day he graduates from this life. He is 30 years younger than the average life insurance agent, which means he will be around to help you implement the Infinite Banking process, he will be around to see your children through this process, and he will be around for your grandchildren to start this process.  If you are ready to be the bank and take advantage of the financial strategies used by the biggest banks on the planet, or would like to teach this to your clients or community, reach out to Kyle at Factum Financial.


Factum Financial seeks to help people expand their financial education, grow their wealth radically, and solidify a legacy.

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