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Jerry Conti

Jerry is a serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, community leader and world-class connector. As the co-founder and managing partner of three companies: Lux Vacation Rentals LLC, “LuxHomePro”, and LuxHomePro Holdings LLC, Jerry is “inspired to transform the lives of those around me by adding value and connections.” Jerry’s primary focus is helping real estate investors build wealth through short-term rentals which he does through and Digital Marketing Agency for Short Term Rentals. As an expert in the field of strategic partnerships, Jerry loves learning and collaborating with incredible people.

BoomSTR has developed the most powerful suite of digital marketing tools, tactics, and technologies available. We bring customers to your door – you take great care of them and everybody wins.

We help homeowners, property managers, operators, and hosts stay at the cutting edge, through done-for-you digital marketing services, direct booking websites with fully integrated channel management, and property management software. You’ll have a complete marketing plan for your properties with more operational freedom and less reliance on any individual booking site.


Marketing isn’t easy. That’s why boomSTR’s four-step Digital Marketing Service does it for you. With boomSTR, we will help you integrate your Trust Accounting, provide you with direct booking capability, and update your social footprint daily. As a result, your listings stay fresh and relevant. Your marketing dollars generate real results.


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