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Greg Hague

If you live in Phoenix AZ, you know who Greg Hague is.  He’s on your TV sharing how you can sell your home to for a higher price in 72 hours.  You can even stay in your home up to 6 months after you sell.  You see his bright 72Sold digital billboards along all the most trafficked freeways in the city.  What you may not know is that this brilliant man once earned the top score on the Arizona bar exam and has now committed himself to helping people avoid the hassle of selling their home the old-fashioned way.  Beyond business, this world traveler has been attacked by a bear, crashed his motorcycle in Africa, force-landed his plane on a remote island in the Atlantic, and raced Porsches.  Of all his adventures, he claims “the most rewarding is improving the way America sells homes with 72SOLD… and marrying Teresa, the most remarkable girl in the world.” 

My passion is improving the traditional way homes are sold, a lengthy, an antiquated process that relies more on hope than well-planned marketing strategy designed to enhance sellers’ convenience, certainty, and sale prices.


As a real estate agent, you can win big if you have the courage to buck tradition and develop a hybrid model that knocks the old guard off guard. Cirque du Soleil did it in the circus industry by developing a hybrid business model incorporating elements of circus, ballet, theatre and a Las Vegas show.


3 Way to Be Irresistible in Real Estate!

Three tips for earning $1,000,000 a year in real estate.

KICK-BUTT CREATIVITY * Greg Hague * Coldwell Banker Keynote

This is a 15-Minute Snippet from my Coldwell Banker Keynote to 2000+ agents on December 3rd.

If you want to sell your home for more with a better experience, or you are a real estate professional who wants to sell more homes, and do a better job for your clients, 72SOLD is your answer.


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