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Gareth Rayner

After coaching and consulting small business owners for over a decade, Gareth Rayner loves helping entrepreneurs with young families get focused and organized so they can spend more time with their kids.  His EQ and business transformation programs provide a step-by-step approach designed to empower owners to create a business culture based on family values, with a predictable and sustainable income stream so they can make the time needed to maintain extraordinary relationships with their kids.  He leads a team of coaches who provide emotional intelligence and communication training workshops to help people better engage and empower their people and prospects to build a sustainable business with a strong culture.  As a Certified Professional Business and Energy Leadership Coach, Gareth uses his 15 years experience in software development specializing in business analysis, quality assurance, process improvement and project management to help owners create predictable profitability.

I build relationships quickly and partner with all stakeholder levels (owners, executives, directors, management, IT, subject matter experts, and end users) to help clients identify problems and opportunities from both the business and system level perspective, create and transform big picture visions into clear, actionable project road maps and deliver business driven technology solutions.


Partner with and coach business owners on personal life plans, strategic and financial planning, brand development, people management, delivery, sales and marketing process improvement.

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