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Dr. Eric Goodman

Discover the transformative impact of B.A.N.K.® on sales and company culture. A master business strategist with expertise in elevating team performance and fostering leadership.

Dr. Eric Goodman has more than 25 years of broad experience as a results-oriented leader, consultant and trainer in corporate and higher education settings. As a visionary innovator with a strong track record of success in creating effective cultures, accelerating performance and creating a sustainable competitive advantage, he has been involved with custom corporate programs and worked with a variety of Fortune 500 organizations. Eric is more than a master business strategist; he is a catalyst for change, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations discover, leverage, and maximize their potential.

Committed to empowering professionals to build stronger relationships and close more sales in less time, he brings a wealth of game-changing tools, technologies and training honed from his experience leading one of the nation’s largest Colleges of Business. Now, as an influence and leadership coach and trainer, Eric shares proven strategies to increase one’s influence, impact and income. Dr. Goodman is proud to be a best-selling leadership author and an award- winning top trainer of the B.A.N.K.® methodology for Codebreaker Technologies, the World’s Leader in Personality Coding Technologies used to dramatically increase one’s influence, impact and income. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and numerous certifications, including Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


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