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Dennis Doran

As a leading expert in the construction industry with more than forty years of experience, Dennis Doran delivers powerful, actionable lessons about people and services with high energy and humor.  While he comes from a storied career in the construction industry, his content delivers a critical competitive advantage for anyone in any field. As the author of Soft as Steel, he equips people with the tools to be successful, not just in business, but in life and relationships.  As a speaker, trainer and certified facilitator of Extreme Leadership, Dennis teaches people how to take the Radical LEAP and lead with love, empathy, audacity, and proof.

Dennis has successfully served the construction industry for over 30 years as a contractor, consultant, strategic trainer & facilitator, development coach and public speaker, bringing a multi-faceted perspective to people and organizations.

With his unique entertaining and dynamic style of presenting, Dennis invites audiences to ponder on the fundamental strategic importance of soft skills or people skills to building relationships and making a substantial profit as a business.



TOMORROW! The fourth hour of Soft As Steel Summit | Feb 15 | 12-4pm EST | Hosted by Dennis Doran is a discussion of #LEADERSHIP

“The construction industry builds the places where people work and live, where people meet and get to know other people, where great relationships can be built and maintained.”


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