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Dave Savage

Dave Savage, the co-founder of Mortgage Coach, is an innovator and change agent known in the mortgage industry for reinventing how loan officers quote rates and turn mortgage advice into a competitive advantage. Dave transforms originators into Black Belt Mortgage Advisors with high-tech, and high-trust strategies and tactics. He is passionate about innovating sales training with a combination of video and YouTube; the Mortgage Coach YouTube channel is hailed as “Netflix” for loan officers. 

I began my journey over 30 years ago as a loan officer. It all started with making a simple calculator in excel to show clients how much the cost over time would change based on the different loan options. I called it a Total Cost Analysis and made my marketing slogan “my advice makes a difference”.

It was a success, I quickly became one of the top 100 originators in the US, but it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to make a bigger impact by helping more people understand the debt they were taking on. I realized that to truly make a difference, I needed to step back from originating and make that calculator my main focus.


Mortgage Coach is a SaaS company dedicated to helping mortgage professionals achieve higher levels of success by providing them with mobile apps to deliver better advice and tangible value to home buyers, lenders and Realtors.

My job is keeping our team focused on our vision and to ensure we consistently bring our members the strategies and ideas that are working best in the marketplace.

And as always, I am an open networker, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn


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