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Beejel Parmar

Beejel has been matching entrepreneur and business owners with Virtual Assistants since 2009. Today, his company, BeeEPIC Outsourcing, help entrepreneurs and business owners delegate the MORBID PARTS of their business.

His unique model provides the benefits of hiring direct together with the benefits of working with an agency.

He helped his first company grow from 100 to 500 Virtual Assistants. In Nov 2019 he started a new company with a radically different approach. Realizing that entrepreneurs did not want to pay high agency fees, and that Virtual Assistants did not like being underpaid, he developed a new and unique was for clients to hire Virtual Assistants.

He also pioneered the ‘Productive Buzz’ program, a way for Virtual Assistants to help clients with performance reviews, KPI tracking, aligned planning, task scheduling, and accountability.

The legendary, Jim Rohn, is famously quoted as saying, “Time is more valuable than money – You can make more money, but you can not make more time” however, Beejel is believed that when we learn to delegate the MORBID PARTS of our business we can create more time back and win back our freedom from the busy work.


Hire Virtual Assistants for long term engagement, hire specialist for short term projects.

We help identify the core processes that can be outsourced, we find the best suited Virtual Assistant with the right experience and within the budget our clients can afford and we help bridge the integration gap.

Our model is unique and fair both to the client and to the virtual assistant.


Don’t treat your Virtual Assistant like a machine or robot – they are human.

Your Virtual Assistant does NOT need to understand your business – that’s YOUR ROLE – but they DO NEED to understand their ROLE in your business!

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