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Becky Norwood

#1 International Bestselling author, speaker, & book publishing expert, Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight Publishing™ and has brought over 300 authors to #1 bestseller. She is widely recognized for the empowering and intuitive way she guides others to weave storytelling into their books and marketing. She incorporates her methods with sound marketing that is the pathway for business expansion and audience growth. Becky believes that a well-told story is a gateway for growth, sharing, and a way to unite humanity. She is an advocate for the positive that comes from sharing our creative genius and impacting our world in positive ways.

Becky works with authors to envision and create a path of a bigger business model and recognize how they can showcase their expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming an author and using that book as their calling card to grow their business. Becky expertly guides Spotlight Publishing’s authors through this step, authors gain clarity and fine tune their wonderful message to the world. Her passion is showing my clients how to STRATEGICALLY GET RESULTS by sharing their STORY!


What is cellular memory? What is the emotional core of illness and disease? Sherry Anshara’s new book is a must-read!


This book is a showcase of remarkable women from the beginning of recorded history till today and is my humble way of saying thank you… thank you a million times over for the impressive role and special gifts you bring to our world.

We are so delighted to share the excitement of Janelle Anderson’s book release!

“This book is a must-read for any woman feeling stuck and directionless.” – Susie Carder (Author of Power Your Profits)

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