Creating Profitable Partnerships Using the Referral Partner Blueprint

The fastest and easiest way to build referral partnerships is by using the Referral Partner Blueprint. This easy-touse
system gives you a paint-by-numbers approach to guide people through a collaboration conversation.

Once you’ve identified someone you would like to form a referral partnership with, simply pull out the Referral Partner Blueprint to
guide your conversation.

Discuss the cross-promotion strategies you think will work best for this particular referral partnership. Check off what each person is willing to do for the other so both parties have a clear agreement in place.

As you follow the format and fill in the blanks, you will find it makes the process of creating referral partnerships with complementary professionals, virtually dummy proof.

We will cover each of these cross-promotion campaigns in the next chapter. First, you need to understand how to educate and empower your referral partners to send you new client opportunities quickly and consistently.

Train Your Team

As you start using the Referral Partner Blueprint, you will find
people are eager to partner with you. That’s why it’s important to train your referral partners on the specific clients you are looking for, and how best to refer you.

Follow-Up and Follow Through

After you’ve met with each prospective referral partner, be sure to follow up and follow through on any commitments you made. Take action immediately, and you will impress them with your professionalism. If you committed to making introductions, make them quickly and effectively. Go above and beyond to gain your new referral partners respect and reciprocity.

Play the Long Game

One thing you need to understand is that building referral partnerships takes time. Although you will likely receive referrals from some partners quickly, others will need to know, like and trust you over time. The more relational equity you build with people, the more referrals you will receive.

It’s A Numbers Game

Using these strategies and scripts can make a profound impact on your business over the months and years to come. Just imagine what your business will look like 12 months from now if you take the time to meet just one new prospective partner each week for the next year.

Give More

When building referral partnerships, you should always be on the lookout for ways to add value to your partners. Truth is that the more you give in life, the more will be given to you. I’m such a passionate proponent of this strategy that I had customized license plates for my BMW back in Oregon that said, GIV MOR.

The Referral Partner Blueprint makes it easy to guide your conversations and create a powerful plan where you and your referral partners get into action and win together.