Who Is Brandon Barnum?

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Brandon Barnum often referred to as the “King of Referrals,” is an award winning serial entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. He serves as CEO of HOA.COM – the #1 Referral Network for Home Service Professionals, and as the Chairman of the Board for The Champions Institute

He is a highly sought-after expert in referrals, marketing, sales, joint ventures, business development, and business growth strategies.

Discover Why Brandon is often referred to as the King of Referrals

After learning the art and science of referrals, Brandon increased his annual income 10X in 18 months from $20k to $200k. Brandon has since closed over $500 million in transactions by referral and has founded multiple online referral platforms and networks, connecting more than 5 million members in 195 countries. Brandon served as CEO of Codebreaker Technologies AI, the world’s first personality-based AI for sales.

Now, Brandon is passionate about empowering business owners and professionals with a step-by-step system for attracting profitable prospects and expanding their income, influence, and impact.



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A seasoned expert with Visionary Leadership, Brandon Barnum has been building tech companies for over 24 years. As founder and CEO of HOA.com, Brandon is committed to Connecting Communities and Helping Homeowners Connect with Professionals They Can Trust.

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