Raving Referrals

Over a series of phone calls, Cheri and I became fast friends and mutual admirers. Before long, we were collaborating and creating a strategic alliance to empower more people with B.A.N.K. We scheduled an interview and promoted her to my tribe. Then, as our respect and relationship grew, Cheri invited me to teach the Raving Referrals system to her audience at the international B.A.N.K. conference in Vegas. The following month, I invited her to join me at an Oscars after party at Universal Studios in L.A. with Aston Kutcher and Matthew McConaughey as guests of honor

Over the years that have followed, my respect and admiration for Cheri have grown immensely, and I believe the feeling is mutual. In my opinion, B.A.N.K. can help everyone improve their relationships and live better lives. That’s why I am committed to supporting Cheri’s mission to crack the code of every person on the planet.

To that end, I dedicated ten months of my life to helping her build and launch Codebreaker Technologies, including Codebreaker AI. This revolutionary technology enables you to crack personality codes in just one click using a LinkedIn profi le. It’s an amazing tool that I recommend to anyone looking to close more sales and build better relationships.

Cheri agreed to let my readers try Codebreaker AI on a special $1 trial. To take advantage, visit and use the promo code BANK. You can also scan the QR code below for instant access.